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Freezer Full of Meat And Booze: An 8-Day Amity Island Diet

Amity Island, like Brigadoon or King Arthur’s Avalon, is a place out of time that is powered by summer dollars and magical realism. But an Islander’s gotta eat — and not some license plate he found in a river. As … Continue reading

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Two Days on Amity

It’s Chief Brody’s first summer and he is still on the steep end of the learning curve. He doesn’t know you need a resolution by the Board of Selectmen to close the beaches, he’s unclear that he has to inform … Continue reading

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Mating mates: Just a theory I happen to agree with

The mates of Ben Gardner and Quint are seen briefly, say nothing, and disappear. But not in the jaws of a Great White Shark; into the arms of each other. How else to get out from under the shadow cast … Continue reading

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“Unfriendly Waters”: Occupy Amity Island Edition

Like any American classic, “Unfriendly Waters” finds different meanings for each new generation. Occupy Amity Island protesters have embraced it for its theme of speaking truth to Amity’s corporate interests who would rather see the beaches open and making money, … Continue reading

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July 2: So long, Ben Gardner

Things happen fast on Amity Island. What else is there to do but get drunk and fool around? Shortly after Chrissie’s partially denuded remains are found, Brody has Polly print up “Beaches Closed” signs, there is a town meeting at … Continue reading

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“Herbie, Mate, Please make me laugh”

The All That Jaws land vehicle recently ran over an already-run-over skunk in the pleasant Atwater Village section of Los Angeles, and we couldn’t help but think of a certain Boatswain’s Mate, a baseball player from Cleveland named Herbie. The … Continue reading

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Shark coughs up Obama’s birth certificate

“Call Dave Axelrod in New York,” says Amity newspaper editor Meadows to his windswept assistant. “Tell him he owes me a favor.” Born in New York, Dave Axelrod later moved west to attend the University of Chicago. He stayed in … Continue reading

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“Unfriendly Waters” at Taix

This is the song Phil Ochs would have sung had he been cast as Matt Hooper. Continue reading

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“I just died in the book”

Matt Hooper resurfaces at the end of the movie “Jaws,” having hidden in some underwater shrubbery when his anti-shark cage said goodbye and farewell. But in the book, Hooper had to die

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Drinking to our appendices: appendix

“He was looking at his appendix scar,” Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb recently told us.

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