About “All That Jaws”

“‘Jaws 4’ makes ‘Jaws 3’ look like ‘Jaws 2′” – William C. Brightman III

For a certain kind of person, “Jaws” is one of the most satisfying movies ever. If you’re like us, you watched the movie several times before absorbing Peter Benchley’s great beach read that inspired it.

In 2005, Marty Barrett and Brian Descheneaux began writing a rock opera that told the story of “Jaws” from the shark’s point of view, employing elements of both the book and the movie, commenting on them, and making each character an iconic rock opera demigod in the tradition of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

In fact, the main musical influences for “All That Jaws” are “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Tommy,” and The Kinks’ “Preservation.”

In 2007 a 60-minute, 2-act, 15-song version of “All That Jaws” premiered at the Out of Bounds West festival at the Westside Eclectic Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. Barrett registered AllThatJaws.com the same year.

“This is the best show I have ever seen,” one audience member said, “and I hate musicals.”

Barrett and Descheneaux immediately repaired to a studio in “Great” Wrightwood, CA to begin producing a cast recording to shop to producers with a great deal more money than they.

Studio delays at this mountaintop, snowbound recording facility led to Barrett and Descheneaux starting the band Fogelfoot to get back to performing again.

Fogelfoot has flourished while “All That Jaws” has lived on in Fogelfoot’s set (the band plays several songs from the show, including “Carcharadon Carcharias,” “Unfriendly Waters,” and “Show Me the Way to Indianapolis”). We are seeking funding for a full-scale production. Want to help us do that? Comment below.


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