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July 6: Farewell And Adieu, Bruce

It was the best Fourth of July Amity (which, as you know, means “friendship”) had ever had, until Estuary Victim was gobbled. The bright side was that Mayor Vaughn’s kids were on that beach, too, so he did something he … Continue reading

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“I just died in the book”

Matt Hooper resurfaces at the end of the movie “Jaws,” having hidden in some underwater shrubbery when his anti-shark cage said goodbye and farewell. But in the book, Hooper had to die

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The Audacity of Hoop

Some time during this next administration, you will see All That Jaws at a theatre near you. If you are a fan of Jaws the book, you know that Hooper was indeed audacious.

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Drinking to our appendices

Perhaps the greatest intellectual debate (aside from this one) of our age is upon us.

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