"The Shark Is Still Working": Wealth of "Jaws" facts, Kintner boy spill out on the "doc"

[The following article first appeared on Mavervorl Media. Today is June 29, 64 years after Quint said the U.S.S. Indianapolis delivered the atomic bomb to the island of Tinian. He got the date wrong, but The Shark Is Still Working clears up and illuminates a lot of conversation pieces precious to “Jaws” fans.)

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Brody Knew

After nearly two years at sea, we’ve recorded a series of demos in advance of a theatrical run of All That Jaws in Los Angeles. We’re indebted to Erik “Great Whitis” Petraitis for his engineering services and the Bellflower Music Center for a fortuitous Baritone Horn rental. Continue reading

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The Audacity of Hoop

Some time during this next administration, you will see All That Jaws at a theatre near you.

If you are a fan of Jaws the book, you know that Hooper was indeed audacious.

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Frank Mundus will never put on a lifejacket again

Shark fisherman Frank Mundus, who said that his exploits inspired Peter Benchley’s Quint character, died of a heart attack last week in Honolulu. Continue reading

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Jaws logs

Two Jaws-related books any fan would find entertaining and compelling are Carl Gottlieb’s “The Jaws Log” and Nigel Andrews’ “jaws.” Continue reading

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Report: "Waters" still used as annoying plural of "water"

A shark may have been spotted off South Beach in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard (“That’s where he’s been feeding,” – Matt Hooper), according to a story in the Boston Globe, reprinted below. Continue reading

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Drinking to our appendices

Perhaps the greatest intellectual debate (aside from this one) of our age is upon us. Continue reading

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Tom Cassidy concedes manhood to Brody

Early in the morning of July 2, Brody receives a call from Deputy Hendricks that someone has washed up on the beach. He goes to investigate, and there finds Tom Cassidy, who would’ve been Chrissie Watkins’ swim partner the night before had he not passed out. Continue reading

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Roy Scheider dies, Coast Guard not alerted

Roy Scheider, who helped define character acting in the 1970’s, died this weekend in Arkansas. He was 75.

Best known for his work in “Jaws,” an unexpected hit that became the first film to gross over $100 million, Scheider also delivered strong and memorable performances in “Marathon Man,” “The French Connection,” and “All that Jazz.” He later delivered standout performances in “2010” and as Dr. Benway in David Cronenberg’s version of “Naked Lunch.”

His oft-quoted line from “Jaws,” “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” was an ad-lib.

Scheider helped pave the way for the flawed leading man of 20th century film. Wry, vulnerable, but courageous where it mattered. Along with Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, Scheider made that first summer blockbuster an intimate portrait.

We are currently recording the “All That Jaws” cast album at the Analog Cabin in Great Wrightwood, CA. Much of Brody’s character was inspired by Scheider’s performance in the film. We will miss him.

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This time it’s personal.

Official work on the cast recording of “All That Jaws” can finally be said to have been started after a delay of some five months and change. Fourteen hours of back-breaking recording were logged this past Sunday by the ATJ rhythm section in an attempt to get “Carcharodon Carcharias” – a song that will eventually feature the vocals of Brody, Ellen, and Hooper – at least partially “in the can.” The recording took place at Music Director Tyrone Merriner’s Analog Cabin in Wrightwood, CA. on a recording device that scientists say dates all the way back to the EARLY SEVENTIES! This machine helped to produce some clear, wonderful, bone-crunching playbacks on the various takes but we soon began to realize that this fickle old beast would require more finessing than we had originally planned on. Of course, by then it was 2 in the morning and Tyrone had to run out to Italy for a few things.
So, as soon as Tyrone comes back into town with the keys (tentatively scheduled for late December) we will be sending out a call to all ATJ alumni to come enjoy a retreat up in the mountains.
Cast may be wise to bring along heavy clothes, long underwear, boots, poles, and skis.

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