Roy Scheider dies, Coast Guard not alerted

Roy Scheider, who helped define character acting in the 1970’s, died this weekend in Arkansas. He was 75.

Best known for his work in “Jaws,” an unexpected hit that became the first film to gross over $100 million, Scheider also delivered strong and memorable performances in “Marathon Man,” “The French Connection,” and “All that Jazz.” He later delivered standout performances in “2010” and as Dr. Benway in David Cronenberg’s version of “Naked Lunch.”

His oft-quoted line from “Jaws,” “You’re gonna need a bigger boat,” was an ad-lib.

Scheider helped pave the way for the flawed leading man of 20th century film. Wry, vulnerable, but courageous where it mattered. Along with Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, Scheider made that first summer blockbuster an intimate portrait.

We are currently recording the “All That Jaws” cast album at the Analog Cabin in Great Wrightwood, CA. Much of Brody’s character was inspired by Scheider’s performance in the film. We will miss him.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Calibra Pictures is pleased to announce the release of the trailer for Roy Scheider’s last film “Iron Cross”.

    The revenge thriller, written and directed by Joshua Newton, will be previewed towards the end of the year in Los Angeles, following our Roy Scheider Film Week, dates and location tbc.

    The trailer can be downloaded securely from the following link:

    We’d be delighted to receive your comments.

    Yours truly

    The Iron Cross Team

  2. Anonymous says:

    IRON CROSS, Roy Scheider’s final film, in VARIETY article for Oscar contention!!!

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