Brody Knew

After nearly two years at sea, we’ve recorded a series of demos in advance of a theatrical run of All That Jaws in Los Angeles. We’re indebted to Erik “Great Whitis” Petraitis for his engineering services and the Bellflower Music Center for a fortuitous Baritone Horn rental.

The following songs are representative of the dozen or so pieces that make up the rock opera. We handled the vocals this time around, but the stage show will feature actual actors playing these roles.

(Click on the title to hear the song. Play it loud.)

  • Show Me the Way to Indianapolis – Quint’s dubious retelling of the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and why he won’t put on a life jacket again
  • Don’t Close the Beaches! – The town doesn’t want the beaches closed, and Quint wants a lot of money to kill the shark
  • Brody Knew/Bigger Fish Than Most – As Alex Kintner is laid to rest, Amity’s fishermen celebrate the capture of a Bigger Fish Than Most despite Hooper’s and Brody’s misgivings, and Mrs. Kintner confronts Brody
  • I Use My Throat – Bruce tells us the only way he can love
  • Unfriendly Waters – An earnest Phil Ochs-like troubador warns listeners of the Great White Finny Danger

All songs copyright 2005: Fogelfoot/Marty Barrett/Brian Descheneaux

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2 Responses to Brody Knew

  1. LEstes65 says:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a bazillion times: You’re a friggin’ genius. I only wish I lived close enough to lend some vocals.

  2. The Kid In The Front Row says:

    rock opera? awesome!

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